There are steps to follow so that you can thoroughly clean out your medicine cabinet

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   To keep your medicine cabinet safe,you must keep it cleaned out periodically.You should check for expired medications as well as making sure it contains needed items in case of emergency. Pick a specific day every three months to perform this task. It should be done every three months because during this time frame your toothbrush has to be replaced because the bristles have began to get soft and out of shape from it’s many uses.

   Any medications you may have does have an expiration date so every three months is a great time to check the dates for them. This will give you a chance to either discard any expired medications or obtain a refill if needed. 

Step 1 Read all labels completely so you can ensure that none of them are expired. Medication is useless and could be harmful if used after expiration date.

Step 2 Make sure that all the labels on the bottles are clear.You don’t want to make the mistake of underdosing or overdosing yourself.Overdosing can be fatal.

Step 3  Check to see if your bottles are child proof. Especially if you have children in the home.

Step 4  Refill your prescriptions if needed . If your bottles are empty and you have refills pending,you should have them refilled so that they are accessible when needed.

Step 5 Store as directed. Not all medications are to be kept in the medicine cabinet.There are different storage requirements for different medications. Check for storage places and temperatures.That is always located on your medicine bottle

 Step 6  Dispose of medications responsibly and properly. Dispose of responsibly. Check for child proof bottles, Avoiding taking the wrong dosage . Check for expiration


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