Cleaning Tile Floors

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Things You’ll Need:

  • Murphy’s Oil Soap or Dr. Bronner’s soap in your favorite scent (I like peppermint).
  • Deck brush
  • Hoover Steam Vac (to suck up water from the floor) or a mop
  • old towel


DrBronner_Thumb.jpg Fill a bucket with the hottest water you can get from your tap. Add an appropriate amount of Murphy’s Oil Soap or Dr. Bronner’s soap. Move the chairs, trash can and other items out of the way.


mopbucket_Thumb.jpg Pour a controlled amount of the soapy water out onto your floor. Make sure that you cover stubborn stain areas with water right away so they can be soaking.


deckbrush_Thumb.jpg Take your deck brush and start scrubbing. Add more water, if needed, and scrub completely. Visit and re-visit stubborn spots. You can push down on the brush with your foot, if needed to get more friction and remove stuck-on material


steamvac_Thumb.jpg Now for the hardest part: removing the water. I like to use my Hoover Steam Vac to suck up the water. You could also use a wet/dry vac or a standard mop.

After removing as much water as possible, I take an old towel and wipe the floor. This removes any lingering stuck-on items and helps to get into the corners where the deck brush can’t reach.


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