Massage The Leg

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The steps needed to ensure a well executed leg massage. Some of the following steps can be done on yourself and it is a good way to practice before doing the massage on another individual.


This is a smooth, sliding movement which soothes skin and distributes the oil. Always worked in the direction of the heart, it improves circulation, lymph flow and the function of the muscles.

1. Seated to the side of your partner, begin with one hand at the heel, brushing in an upward, sweeping movement to the buttock ridge and sliding round to the thigh.

2. As the first hand comes round the thigh, place the other hand at the hell and brush with an upward sweep, ending at the back of the knee.

3. As the second hand comes off, cross the first hand over and begin the movement again from the heel up to the thigh.

Ankle Thumbing

The ankles are an important centre of energy, and this movement helps to relieve congestion.

1. Sitting at your partner’s feet, cradle one ankle gently with your hands, allowing the thumbs to sit naturally above the heel.

2. Keeping the rest of the hand still, apply a light pressure with the thumb as it brushes in an upward and outward movement.

3. Repeat with alternate thumbs, continuing in a rhythmic sequence for about 30 seconds.


Flushing drains the lymph channels and stimulates the circulation. This movement should not be used on anyone with severe varicose veins.

1. Sitting at your partner’s feet, gently slide the thumbs up the middle of the leg, ending at the back of the knee.

2. Slowly bring the hands back down to the ankles by brushing down the sides of the calf muscle, taking care not to drag.

3. Repeat five to six times.


Move back round to the side of the leg for this movement. It is particularly effective for relieving tension at the back of the legs.

1. Place the hands gently on the calf, one at the top and one just above the ankle.

2. Grasp the calf muscle firmly with both hands and slide them toward the centre of the calf, lifting the muscle.

3. Using gentle pressure, knead the area by bringing the fingers and thumbs together and raising the muscle farther. Continue doing so for about 30 seconds.


1. Place the hands on opposite sides of the calf, just above the ankle. Gently glide the hands past each other so the heel of one hand is pushing away from you while the other hand is pulling.

2. Keep the thumb of the pulling hand raised so the thumbs don’t collide as they pass each other each time.

3. The hands alternate the pushing and pulling as you work all the way up the calf and down again. The pressure should be firm but gentle.

Thumbing the Knee

This is the same action as the thumbing performed at the ankle base. It is very helpful for people who suffer from cold feet.

1. Cup the hands gently around the knee, allowing the thumbs to sit naturally on the fleshy part at the back of the knee.

2. With the same thumbing movement used on the ankles, brush one thumb upward and outward, covering the full width of the knee, and follow immediately with the opposite thumb.

Thigh Push

This knuckling movement is very effective for breaking down cellulite.

1. With the supporting hand wrapped around the wrist of the working hand for stability, place the clenched fist on the side of the thigh, just above the knee.

2. Drag the fist slowly up the side of the thigh toward the hip bone. This is not a heavy action – all you need is gentle pressure.

3. Repeat five to six times, working slightly different parts of the thigh each time.


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