What Does The Word God Mean?

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God. It certainly gives the appearance of a single being. One spirit or thing, that according to different religions, either invented the universe, or is the universe. The bible talks about the God of Israel being the only true God who’s name was Jehovah. This is what millions of fundamentalist christians (and jews) believe as well as many of them believing every word of the bible as the literal truth handed down by god. But was the bible ever intended to be taken as a scientific document of truth?

The answer as far as I can work out is no. In the early days of the bible, philosophers were of the opinion that the bible was not to be interpreted literally at all it was simply a entertaining mythical telling of the history of a certain culture with laws set out in order to prevent chaos. Then somewhere around five hundred years ago, religious men began to look in the bible for scientific facts because they believed what they were told and the bible was literally the truth.

It was worked out that the earth was less than seven thousand years old, and any evidence of the contrary, such as records of the kings and queens of Egypt was false. There are people today that still believe that the dinosaurs never lived hundreds of millions of years ago.

As far as there being any proof that the bible is not the truth, there is, if you are of the opinion that it is literally true, and scientific fact. However, there is no proof that God doesn’t exist. The scientific theories on the creation of the universe, are the big freeze, which says that the universe spontaneously came into being out of nothing and will continue expanding until there is nothing left but black holes that eventually dissipate through leaking radiation after proton decay, (could be linked slightly to the christian view), and the big crunch theory which says the black holes (made up of cold dense atoms), attract each other through gravity, and create another big bang.

This is similar to the Buddhist idea of God actually being everything, and everything being eternal.



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