How To Monitor Employee Web Browsing

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As an intelligent manager or business owner, you need to know about how to monitor employee web browsing. It is important to know what your employees are doing at all times of the day and if they are being productive or wasting your company time.

Time, as they say is money, and if your employees are spending your company time surfing the net, playing games, chatting and emailing, they are probably doing a limited amount of work. To add insult to injury, they have their hand out for a pay check on pay day. Do you know what you are paying for? If you monitor employee web browsing
then you know exactly which employees are doing the work, and which ones are doing nothing.

It is common for most work places to have internet access; however, it is difficult to know which employees are using their access for business purposes and which ones are abusing the privilege. When you monitor employee web browsing you will be able to sort out who is visiting which websites and how much time they are spending there.

Your employees should be advised that you will be watching their activities, but you only need to inform them once. After this initial warning, if they do not heed your advice and start to surf questionable websites or carry on with wasting your time, then you will have the evidence that you need to terminate their employment.

It may sound harsh, but you already know that jobs are scarce these days. You want to ensure that you have hired the right person for the job, one who takes it seriously. An employee who does nothing all day is a waste of your business resources. There are many programs that can do the monitoring for you. You only need to determine which one is most suitable for your situation.

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