How to Give a Face Massage

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This treatment is a great boos to the circulation, and the complexion will improve with each treatment.

Seated at the head, prepare the face for the massage with a simple refreshing cleanser, using upward and outward strokes. Apply a small amount of facial oil to the face and neck with flowing movements.

Forehead Stroke

1. Rest your thumbs on the center of the forehead, just above the eyebrows, with the palms supporting the sides of the head. The stroke should be kept light and sensitive as the facial skin is very delicate.

2. Slowly draw the thumbs out toward the temples and down to the sides of the ears. Repeat the stroke several times, moving the starting position up a little each time until you reach the hairline.

Draining the Cheeks

This sequence of raking movements stimulates the lymphatic flow in the face, improving the complexion, clearing the sinuses and releasing tension.

1. Place the index fingers on either side of the nostrils and hold for a count of five.

2. Slide the fingers out and down to the ears. Lift the fingers and replace by the nostril. Sweep in a slightly narrower curve to reach the jawbone just below the ears.

3. Repeat with successively smaller curves, ending by tracing the laughter lines around the mouth, downward to the sides of the chin.

Chin Massage

This not only tones the jaw line, but also stimulates the energy points that govern the stomach and small intestine.

1. Place the thumbs on the chin, allowing the rest of the fingers to cradle the jaw.

2. Brush alternate thumbs down and outward, with a light stroke. Repeat the movement six or seven times with each thumb.

Neck Sweep

This is an extremely soothing stroke which improves the tone of the muscles as well as flushing the neck.

1. Apply a little facial oil to the neck, upper chest and shoulder areas using the flat of the hand. Gently brush down with the hand from the side of the ear out to the shoulder, using a broad sweeping stroke to cover the area.

2. Repeat the movement working round the front of the neck, down from the chin to the top of the chest, and then sweep from the other ear to the shoulder.

The sequence of sweeps round the whole neck should be repeated three times.

Fanning the Shoulders

This movement is the same as in a back massage, only this time your partner is facing you.

1. With fingers spread, brush with the flat of the hand across from the breastbone and out over the shoulders.

2. The second hand follows closely behind the first, so they are draining simultaneously toward the armpits.

Since this type of massage only involves the face and upper part of the shoulders, you should always cover your partner, even if it’s a male so that they will feel more comfortable and the body heat will also make them feel more relaxed. You can also do it on yourself.


Watch this video for a better understanding of the steps involved above.


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