Tips for a successful relationship

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The most important tip from my point of view is: always be yourself

1.Your relationship will not survive unless you grant it enough attention. Reserve yourself  half an hour every night and at least one day each month which  you  should spend  exclusively with your partner.

2.Both of you  will need safety and comfort. A good relationship is based on compromise and on reciprocity.

3. Keep a balance between dependence and independence. Communicate to your partner as you fell you need it.

4.Encourage him to listen to you, showing your gratitude when he does this. Similarly, show your interest when he speaks. You need to be aware that most men behave differently than women in conversation. They need more silence and more time for thinking.

5. Accept the things that will never change. Some features of your partner will remain like this for life and you have to accept that.

6.Learn to  bring good mood to your relationship, make  your partner “offer you” a genuine sweet smile,

7.Money is the most common cause for conflict within a couple. To have a relationship that works well you have to take care of income sources and  make a budget.

8.Make a list of domestic tasks, talk to your partner and mobilizes an entire family, including partner to share the work

9.Learn how to argue. The key is  never say something that you would not like to hear from the other.

10.Learn to negotiate. Each of you can say they desire, then you can try together to find a middle way.


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