"The Invention of Lying", My Two Cents

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I watched the movie the other day, and it made me kind of sad. Everybody likes to envision a world where everybody is incapable of lying or bending the truth, but if the opening moments of this movie are to be trusted, I would hardly consider such a world a utopia. As a matter of fact, it’d be a dystopia. Nobody thinks before they speak; they just say whatever they want, even if it’s insulting to another person. People always talk about how knowing the truth makes people incite change, but everyone in the movie is too lazy & shallow to do anything to change the situation.

The obsession with truth also affects the art & entertainment industry as well. The studio where Ricky Gervais’ character works draws from actual historical events for their movies; it’s literally a bunch of paid actors sitting in front of a camera and reading off of cue cards. There’s no room for creativity.

By being able to lie, Gervais is able to put his mother to rest, convince a man not to commit suicide, and bring hope to an entire nation. He practically invents religion and heaven in a world where nobody believes in them, and the people, being the shallow sheep they are, take this as some sort of free pass to allow them to behave the way they want. It occurs to him that this world may be beyond help.

If nobody lied, the world would be a really shitty place, I tell you that much.


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