Finding the Good in the World (Share the Good)

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When we turn on the TV, we hear news about death, about someone getting robbed, another child missing, or worse raped and murdered. Where does this kind of news end?

Each and every day we have to endure the gloomy news that is shared on our radio, TV, newspaper publications and more.

There are shows now just to talk about the bad stuff like Nancy Grace or Jane Velez Mitchell just to name a few.

Our society is growing up with sad, bad and even worse reports being televised without let up. It’s all we seem to hear, and see daily. We constantly live in this devastating culture.

Why is that, is it because we as a nation want to hear the bad stuff. Does bad really sell and keep us glued to the TV and radio stations that blast this dismal info.

Well unfortunately gloom and doom does sell. People are intrigued by the ghastly and appalling things some of us do to each other. It’s sad but bad news seems to be appealing.

What can we do to offset and balance out this generalization that is happening to us?

Well we can begin by seeing the good in people and sharing our own good news with the world. If you know of anything good that really stands out call it in and share it with a radio station, or pass it along to a local TV station, or write about it and post it for others to read.

There’s just as much good out there as the bad, but we hardly ever hear the good. Occasionally the good will be added in and it’s always a welcome relief to hear.

We hear stuff like a husband shot his wife today and left her for dead. But what about the husband that bought flowers today and took them to his wife’s work place and for no other reason except that he wanted to let her know just how much he loved her without it being a holiday or special occasion.

We hear that a child was kidnapped and that it is possible it’s one of the parents that took the child. But what about the father who surprised his child at a school play today, knowing the child wanted them there but had no idea they could attend. How cool is that?

Or what about a mother who made a special bag lunch for their child and when the child got to school opened it and it also had a cute little card with sweet sentiments inside for the child to read. Now that might not seem news worthy, but it could be if we made it news worthy.

What I’m trying to show is that those kinds of great stories could make a big impact if they were shared more.

There are thousand more of them, more stories so great it can make you cry at just the thought of it. Cries of joy and not cries of distress or sorrow. I would love to hear more of those stories, wouldn’t you?

I know life has its ups and its downs, but it seems the downs have somehow become more showcased, more publicized for some reason.

I think we should develop a happy club, let them be worldwide.

We should challenge people to be happier, kinder, more loving, more understanding.

Maybe create a place for the happy and if you aren’t happy then you can’t get in until you have proven you are only happy, good, loving, caring, and that you will only do good deeds, oh yeah that sounds like heaven.

I wish heaven was here on earth and the bad were banished for good…..

Share your good stories……. Let’s share Happy!!!!

Best Wanda H.


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