If you like the Post Office you’ll Love ObamaCare

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Just like ObamaCare the Post Office is talking about rationing service.  And just like ObamaCare the Post Office has death panels.  Saturday mail delivery is scheduled to die any day now.

But on the bright side the  Post office may be coming out with a new breakfast series called Bulkies.  They’re flavored with Granny Chunks!!!  You see after all those sick old people die when Obama steals $500 billion of their Medicare money, something has to be done with all those corpses.  Soylent Green is grandma!!!!

Soylent Green is Grandma!

The congress is about to steal $500 Bill from Medicare.  Since this money was keeping sick old grandmothers across the nation alive, we have to conclude that Rep Alan Grayson, Rep Nancy Pelosi, Senator Harry Reid, and Chairman Barack Hussein Obama want granny dead.  What to do with all those fresh corpses?  Why like good communists they will not let anything go to waste.  Maybe they will do like that old  Charlton Heston movie and making granny’s corpse into food.  Old folks sold out by the AMA and AARP.  I hope they enjoy their 30 pieces of silver.   I am certain that their executive officers have integrity and they when they are bought, they stay bought.

Obama lied.  Grandma died.

Why Health Care Reform Must Fail

By poetryman69

Either Obama is right and he can truly cut $500 billion of waste, fraud and abuse out of the Medicare budget or Medicare dependent seniors must die when $500 billion is cut from muscle and bone because there really wasn’t that much fat.

No one has identified exactly where this $500 billion of waste fraud and abuse is.   Rather President Barack Hussein Obama has given an example or two where money might be wasted and estimated or projected the rest of the savings.   What we need to know then is just how good Obama is at projecting things.  Do we have an example of where he has made financially based projections?  In fact we do.  The Obama administration  enacted an economic  stimulus package.  Obama said that the stimulus package would keep unemployment below 8%.  Unemployment actually went up to 10%

Fact Check on Stimulus Spending

Obama Wrong

Stimulus made it worse?

Is there any more evidence on the government’s ability to estimate costs.  Yes.  Cash for Clunkers.  There original estimate was that the program could  be completed for $1 billion.  After that estimate was quickly shown to be wrong, they three an additional $2 billion at the problem.

Government Track record

Obama has promised to run up trillion dollar deficits as long as he is president.  Doesn’t that mean we are already out of money?   Is he going to print the trillions of additional dollars and run up inflation or borrow them from China?

Well maybe our current government isn’t good at managing money, or making estimates or projections. Surely government did a bang up job of these tasks in the past:

In 1966 Medicare cost $3billion.   The House Ways and Means committee projected that that the cost in 1990 would be $9 billion.  The actual cost was $67 billion.

Different researchers have examined different aspect of Medicare costs but all of them peg the growth in to be at least 7 times higher than projected.  Remember that the next time someone in government tells you how much Universal health care will cost in 10 years.

The government has over $50 trillion in unfunded liabilities before Universal Health Care comes in. Since we don’t know where all that money is coming from, where will money for health care on top of this come from?

To be entirely fair to government, health care is not the only place they have mismanaged costs, consider the list below.  It was the US federal government lack of oversight and mismanagement of the first item in the list that bankrupted almost all the world economies.
1. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
2. Amtrak
3. Senate Restaurant
4. Medicare and Medicaid cost containment and control
5. Paying for social security over the next 50 years
6. Presenting a balanced budget every year
7. Reducing the Deficit to zero
8. Reducing the National Debt to zero.
9. The post office

There are no economic reasons to give the government more control over health care given that it has financially botched everything it has touched.  Government healthcare is a political move not an economic one.

If Obama is trying to trash the dollar, destroy capitalism, and reduce the United States to a third world nation, he needs to do health care reform.  Those who don’t want those things to happen must oppose health care reform.







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