How fast is your Internet?

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Internet Service Providers, ISPs for short, promise us the fastest Internet sevice out there! But are their services as fast as they advertise? Let’s find out, with you will see if you are getting the speed you’re paying for. It’s a really simple website to use, just go on the link and choose one of their servers closest to your home and voilà, you will get your speed results in no time! This site also let’s you compare your speed to other Internet users, whether they use the same ISP as you or a different one. So, this website will help you decide if you want to pay what you’re paying right now or make a change, hopefully for the better. Also, they have an application for the iPhone as well, so when you’re using a wi-fi Internet connection you can test it’s speed as well.

SpeedTest has a sister site called PingTest, this site lets you determine the quality of your broadband Internet connection. Meaning how quickly will media and streaming videos download, and if you’re a gamer it will help you know why are you having those in-game lags. If you want to test your Internet quality check PingTest at

Here are some of my results, compare them to yours. I’d say I have a pretty decent service for the money I pay. Now it’s your turn to determine if your ISP is as accurate as they advertise. Tell neighbours about these sites, and compare your results to theirs.




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