Six Sided Paper Snowflake Directions

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Take a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Trim it so you have an 8.5 x 8.5 inch square.


Fold the square in half.


Fold the rectangle you have just made in half again so it looks like a smaller square. Make a crease, and unfold it again so it looks like a rectangle with a crease down the middle.


image002_Thumb.jpg Now, take the top left corner and fold it in toward the crease at an angle, as shown in the picture.


snowfold_Thumb.jpg step 5 and 6 Fold the right side over so that the right edge and the left edge meet, as shown in the picture. Click on the picture shown here to see how it should look AFTER step 5.


Fold the above shape in half down the middle. Now you have kind of a cone shape with a very pointed end and a wider end.


Cut off the wider, uneven end. Experiment with cutting it off at different angles.


Now, take the triangular shape you have left and make cuts on the edges. Cut out small triangle shapes, heart shapes, rectangles, etc. along all of the edges.


snowflakessmall2_Thumb.jpg Unfold your new snowflake gently and be prepared to be amazed by your own clever handiwork.


snoflakdircsmall1_Thumb.jpg Here is another set of illustrations that might help you understand the folds. Click the image to see

alternate directions


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