The most needed fishing accessories.

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As spring brings the robins and other birds back to our yards and fields, so does the ice-out, that time when the ice leaves the rivers, creeks and lakes, bring our favourite fish to our favourite fishing holes.  Before the fishing season starts, fishermen of every guild and expertise level are shopping the Internet and their favourite bait and tackle stores for the newest and best fishing lures and other essential fishing accessories and gear that make their fishing trips all the more productive.

Essential fishing accessories are those gadgets and gear that make your fishing trip more enjoyable and more productive, as well as for keeping your fish alive as long as possible.  It is always best to clean a live fish, which is why almost every fishing boat has a live well, and every fisherman has a fillet knife hanging from their vests or in their tackle boxes.  For shore fishermen, a stringer is an accessory that they just can not live without, as each fish that is caught can be safely attached to the stringer.  The stringer is then tied to something on shore like a tree, and the fish are allowed to swim in the water, staying healthy until supper time.

Yes, even though a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work, it is still more fun to catch a lot of fish than to be skunked (to catch no fish at all).  When fishing for trout in boats, many fishermen will begrudge catching perch and sunfish, rock bass and sucker fish, looking at them as a waste of perfectly good bait.  Other fishermen will be glad to catch anything, even if it has to be thrown back, as do most children, who enjoy the success of catching any fish.  The boat fisherman has a greater need for accessories to augment their fishing successes, since they are fishing in deep waters, over a large area.

Since you can’t see most fish in the deep, dark waters of lakes and larger rivers, a fish finder, with bottom finder technology (depth range), and even fish species indicator (the fish finder uses it’s database to “guess” at what types of fish are under your boat, and at what weights) is one of the most essential fishing accessories for boat fishermen.  When used with a fish finder and a trolling motor, a down rigger is a great accessory for trolling the depths for larger trophy fish.  A down rigger can be used at a slow troll, and a rod and reel used for casting while trolling.

Other essential fishing accessories that are great for the constant fisherman, or even the weekend warriors include different colours of their favourite lures, needle nose pliers, a fishing vest and hip waders.  A small, handheld and floating GPS unit, to mark where the best producing spots are, is one of the more technological accessories for fishermen.  And a pair of tickets to the next outdoorsman show may not be an accessory, but it does get the fishermen into one hall, where all the newest and greatest fishing accessories are showcased.

Fish on!


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