Lego Toy Reviews

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Lego makes a huge series of toys that are geared for ages two to fourteen. With duplo for the younger ones and more challenging pieces for older kids, it really gives kids the opportunity to build and explore. These toys are made from high quality material and can be built and taken apart over and over again. There are several types of Lego that your child might enjoy depending on their interest and skill level.

Bionicles are a type of Lego toy that is based from the books and movies of Bionicles. They have been around for years and have been in the hands of many busy children. Bionicles come separately and are usually sold in small compartments and containers. They are fairly easy to construct and put together with simply instructions and just a hand full of pieces to fix. Once the star or warrior is created, they are pretty durable. They are actually more durable than regular Lego which will fall apart of knocked or banged into. Some Bionicle characters come with moving parts and/or weapons to use on each other.

Toy Story makes a Lego series that is both inviting and pleasing to younger children. You can buy this Lego in separate boxes and each box represents something from the movie. For example one box may have a western scene with some of Woody`s characters and gear, while another box may contain vehicles from toy story. Some of their products are run on wind up features or batteries so that they will move and be more interactive. These Lego pieces are small and the kits need to be put together by an older child or an adult, so considering most fans of Toy story are fairly young, that means that they can play with the toys when they are put together for them.

Indiana Jones makes lots of products for Lego. Each box contains characters, scenes and vehicles right from the movie. Lego creations made from Indiana Jones are usually very detail oriented from the drawings and expressions on the mini characters faces to the detail in the whips and guns used for play fighting. Kids will enjoy interacting with the Lego especially if they are fans of the movie.

Duplo is a Lego that is geared for younger kids. The parts are bigger and not entirely chocking hazards as the smaller Lego pieces can be. They can come with people, animals and vehicles to make play even more exiting for kids. These Lego pieces are big enough for the whole hand to grasp so even children with clumsily grips and eye hand coordination can boost confidence working with this building material.

City is a fairly new concept to the Lego world. They have many sections to their series to include an entire city set up. With lots of building set ups there is a design for every taste. Each box contains a different scene for example; a construction site. The materials are pretty advanced to set up, so directions would have to be followed and put together by an older child or adult. This is a great adult and child activity that gives some quality time together. The only drawback is that if it gets knocked or broken, it can be hard to remember where the pieces go, so keeping all instructions booklets are important for any Lego project.

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