Transnistria problem

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Russia will provide financial support Transnistria, this year, with 200 million, representing over half the annual budget of the breakaway region of Moldova. For now, Transnistria has received the first installment of “humanitarian aid(worth 7 million).Chisinau thinks that this financial support is the reward for outpost that Russia could create in Transdniestria, as a counterweight to U.S. air defense system in Romania.

The 7 million dollars will be used, according to deputies at Tiraspol, to pay pension arrears in the first quarter and to increase them(given the fact that it now totals, currently, on average, $ 60 per month). It also will increase funding for various medical and educational institutions.

This is the third year in which Russia offers Transnistria financial support, but money has not never exceeded, until now(55 million U.S. dollars). “The price for future outpost that Russia could place in Transnistria if in Romania will be arranged elements of missile shield” said  Kishinev Parliament.

“This it is reward for submission to Moscow,” commented analyst Arcadie Barbarosie, policy director of the Institute for Civic.(And the $ 200 million is the price of this symbol, which Moscow needs in its dialogue with Washington on the American shield placement)

Transnistrian official dismissed any suggestion that Romania could join the international discussions with the separatist republic of Moldova.
Vladimir Iastrembciak, Transnistria’s foreign minister said that Romania is already represented at EU negotiations.
Iastrembciaka answer such statements made last week by Traian Băsescu in Moldova, where he said that Romania should not have to give up the role played in the Transnistrian negotiations in the early 90s.


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