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To some of us books are a passion which borders on an addiction. If you are a fellow book addict like myself then the chances are you have accumulated stacks and stacks of used books over the course of the years, most of which you’ll never read again but have filling up your bookshelves, taking up space in the garage or otherwise cluttering up your life. For others, we’ve had kids who’ve grown up and no longer have a need for their Berenstain Bears books or perhaps you’ve just inherited a bunch of books in a genre you’ll never read but are yet to get rid of.

For whatever reason, just about everyone has books cluttering up their homes which they never get rid of until the day when you finally take a huge box to goodwill so someone can clutter up their home with them instead…and then you go out and spend a small fortune on new books because now you just realised there’s a space on your bookshelf which has just got to be filled!

But hey, stop! Before you take that stack of old books and give them away why not consider checking out one of the many great online book sharing sites instead and turn those old unwanted books into a virtual goldmine of new reading material.

Used book swapping sites allow you to swap paperback and hardback books with other bibliophiles all over the United States and in at least one case, with anyone else in the world and all you pay is the postage. Sure, you could take those books to a used book store and swap them for a small fee without ever having to deal with people online, but the really nice thing about online book swap sites is the sheer number of books available. At the time of writing, just one of these used book clubs has almost 4.5 million books in their trading inventory…so you’re bound to find something you’re looking for.

I have literally received hundreds of new books and discovered authors I’d never have even considered by using book sharing sites which would have cost me thouands of dollars if I had bought them at their cover price.  I have also been lucky enough to discover some hard to find books at these sites which has been a real bonus.

If book sharing clubs sound like something you’d be interested in (and they’re free to join by the way) then I wrote more about them with some links and brief reviews at the following location in my book sharing sites article. Learn how and where you can get free books, save some trees and more.


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