Child Backpack Carriers Review

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Anyone who has kids knows just how handy baby backpacks can be. For young babies they help them feel close to their parent, while their parents have their hands free, and as babies get older they provide a way to transport them around that that is easy and convenient. There are several types of backpacks for kids that you can buy.

Purchasing a backpack for a baby is a great idea and will be used as the child gets older. For parents with multiple kids, bundling your child safe in your arms, while you do house chores, can keep your child safe with you and allow you to move freely around the house.

Often packing up a car with kid things and kids can leave a tight space for a big bulky stroller. Bringing just a small backpack to an outing, leaves more space for cargo and feet room. It can also be easier to get around then a stroller. Strollers can be big and awkward and require two hands to push around. The carrier just straps on and the baby sits inside, that leaves hands free for enjoying the outing.

Ergo baby carriers are designed in many forms and fashions. They can come in a variety of textures and colors tailored to suit any taste. The ergo baby carrier is the most comfortable of the backpacks. It doesn`t have heavy straps that weigh down on the shoulders and the weight from the back pack is evenly distributed around the body for extra support. It also has a soft structure and can be applied to the front of the chest or the back for extreme comfort. This carrier is designed for infants from four months to four years! It can also fit waist sizes from 25 to 43″ with an expandable waist strap that can be purchased if needed.

The Ergo Sport is designed for bigger tummies. It has an extra 5″ around the stomach for all body type fittings. It has a light and breathable material with detachable hood and pocket hood flaps for extra cooling.

Mei Tai makes carriers that work like straps around the body. They allow two straps to pull around the waist and two around the shoulder. It is worn to give parents the extra hands they need to perform tasks. The carrier has two straps that are crossed for extra comfort.

The catbird style gives parents and children even more comfort. The straps are removable and versatile so they can fit around every situation and it is easy to get the baby into. It also contains a removable hood and memory foam for comfort around the shoulders.

There are stronger back packs for kids to sit in that contain extra metal rods for support. You might see somebody with their older child plunked up on their back. The child is supported strongly up there and feels secure. Parent`s sometimes find that keeping their child on their back offers a sense of security as they do not have to chase them around. And many kids do not like to sit in strollers but prefer to be up high with their parents in a type of piggy back situation.

Many kids like to be close to their parents and some infants will cry or get quite anxious if they are not up in mom`s or dad`s arms, using a baby carrier is a way to keep babies happy while freeing hands up. It has many uses and functions that make it a necessity in any child`s home.

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