Gifted children, Amazing Brains!

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1.Akrit Jaswal: the youngest surgeon in the world

The world has heard about this young Indian in 2000, when Jaswant Akrit, then at the age of 7 years, performed a complicated surgical procedure: the rebuilt arm of a  Indian girls who had suffered severe burns, when the fingers of the hand remained stuck between them. Jaswant Akrit  had no training in surgery, managed to separate the girl’s fingers and hand to restore mobility. Akrit Jaswant has put his amazing intelligence (IQ = 146) in the service of medicine, is currently a student of Chandigarh College and the youngest student ever admitted to an Indian university.

2.Michael Kevin Kearney: graduate college in 10 years

Born in 1984, Michael Kevin Kearney spoke his first words at 4 months and at 6 months he said to his pediatrician “I have a left ear infection”. Even if these stories  are not 100% true, the fact that Michael Kevin Kearney was a gifted child is proved by verifiable facts: in 4 years, has achieved a maximum score test for admission to the math courses for gifted children at U.S. Johns Hopkins University, he finished high school at 6 years and graduate studies at 10, owning the record for the youngest university graduates. In 2008, at age 24, became famous winning the grand prize of $ 1 million in a contest of general culture, called Gold Rush.

3. Gregory Smith: nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize at age 12 years

He was born in 1990 in USA. Already knew from two years to read, and at 10 years he was admitted at university. He founded International Youth Advocates, an organization that promotes the cause of peace and cooperation between young people around the world. For his work, was 4 times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.


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