Chuck Lidell Work out Video

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Chuck Liddell the MMA and UFC fighter has recently been caught up in a bit of a scandal, or is it? A video has leaked showing the fighter working out with his girlfriend Heidi Northcott, but here is the catch, they aren’t wearing any clothing. The two were shot naked wearing nothing but their tennis shoes that happened to be Reeboks, working out in the personal gym of their own home. Obviously this was not an intruder who was secret filming them, the couple was well aware of what was going on.

Chuck Liddell has been signed on to Reebok as a celebrity endorser for their new shoes coming out called the Reebok Zig Techs, and this naked video of him is getting him plenty of air time already, even though the Rebook Zig Techs don’t launch until March. The video has leaked all over the internet, and is spreading fast. The video also was mentioned and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live this week.

Now that the UFC has become such a popular competitive sport, this video is sure to continue to gain publicity and popularity. A few years ago many people weren’t even aware of what the UFC or who Chuck Liddell was. Now as a popular and well known veteran of the sport, this is sure to draw the ratings and attention to not only Chuck Liddell, but also Reebok and the UFC.

Realistically this video is only going to help both of the couple’s careers. It was a strategic marketing vice for Chuck Liddell, and also for his girlfriend Heidi Northcott, who is also a mixed martial arts fighter who appears in the video with him. Northcott, who is undoubtedly only helping the videos popularity because of her well like physical appearance, will be drawing in more fans to the female side of MMA fighting. Reebok has not yet released a statement commenting on the video; however I’m sure they are surprised at the publicity and ratings this is also bringing to their new shoes coming out.

Over all I think it is a winning situation or all parties involved. Chuck Liddell and Heidi Northcott are gaining more followers. The UFC is gaining more attention to its already booming popularity, and also the Reebok Zig Techs are definitely the most talked about shoes right now!


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