John and Shirley

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I was just thinking, tonight as I lay here.
About the people I love and hold dear
And all the people that have been there
In my happy times and in my despair
Sometimes I find that I am not sure
Or if what I feel is soft or mature
Or even if what I feel makes sense at all
But its alright, honesty is in the next call
Whenever I call you, how ever much you’re busy
I can almost see you smile as you say “Hello Janey”
I’ve been so busy, no time to cook or bake
Just as if God had spoken, you arrive with a meal and a cake
If I have dreams for the future that I think are impossible
You always encourage me and tell me it’s probable
That I can reach the goal I strive for,
And achieve the future not possible before.
Life must have been harder the last few months
As you help me go through my woes and my doubts.
And I know for sure that it is reality.
That God has given us our John and Shirley


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