Above The Law- Part 2

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In an article called Above The Law (http://www.bukisa.com/articles/192252_above-the-law) I touched on the demand of the United States that a particular crime kingpin named Chris Coke be extradited.

That the demand was made many months before that article, (published on November 17th of 2009) and that the Government of Jamaica declined the request on March 2, 2010, giving convoluted ‘legal’ argments, confirms the suspicion that Jamaica is a narco-state run by drug dons as formidable as Pablo Escobar was in Columbia.

What I think shocked the United States was how badly they were deceived by the Bruce Golding Administration.

For those unfamilar with Golding and his party, the Jamaican Labour Party, the image is of Center Right.

Unlike the People’s National Party which has often worn Socialist rhetoric, the JLP has always tried to seem more Capitalist than America.  

The fact the United States missed is that Golding is a figment of their imagination.  That he recreated himself in the palatable image of the decent moderate, when those who had lived in Spanish Town during the 70s and early 80s, knew him as a man who deployed gunmen to ‘hot’ up areas. A man whose mouth could condemn what his hands were doing.

Gaining the leadership of the JLP, (a position his predecessor Edward Seaga claimed he could not manage) Golding presented himself as the proper foil for the embarrassingly unlettered Portia Simpson-Miller.

Where she would cavort on a platform and create a carnival atmosphere, he would pose as a University lecturer.
Where she would speak in the pidgin called Patois, he would talk as if at the United Nations.

The election in 2007 was Portia’s to lose; not Bruce’s win.

Behind Golding stands a potpourri of businessmen who were uncomfortable with the PNP’s focus on the poor, who assumed they would be able to make far greater profit under the JLP.

As is normal in Jamaica, there is no such thing as a free lunch.  If one takes money from a businessman, one must comprehend he expects it back with interest.   Hence, Golding  spent the first year of his incumbency repaying his supporters, and hiding this depletion of public coffers by focusing on all sorts of PNP ‘Scandals’.

As a magician using sleight of hand, by having the public focus on the past government, Golding’s government was able to do what it pleased without fear of being discovered. Further, his image was such that no one would suspect the slightest impropriety.

It is interesting that when Golding ran for Parliament he did not use his Spanish Town seat, (which he had sacrificed when he left the JLP to create a new Party, the NDM, which never won a single seat) but ran from
Tivoli Gardens, the seat Edward Seaga vacated.

Tivoli Gardens worships Edward Seaga.  Edward Seaga does not like Bruce Golding. It was Seaga’s dislike which had caused Golding to leave the JLP.  For Bruce Golding to return as leader, to select that particular seat, (after condemning garrisons and political violence and tribalism, and all that Tivoli stands for) alerted the intelligensia of Jamaica that this was a man of duplicity.  A man whose words and demeanor were in sharp opposition to what he  actually was and intended.

Like Tiger Woods who had been thought so clean and decent and controlled, then revealed to be a sex-diddled buffoon whose public persona was less authentic than the characters in Avatar, Golding was able to fool Jamaica and the world that he was a man of the highest morality.

Hence, the fact he ran from a garrison community which was known for violence and tribalism was obliterated by his soothing verbiage.

When the United States requested the extradition of Christopher Coke, (Dudus) the facade cracked.

Firstly, this request was kept hidden from the public.  When the media exposed it, there was a period of silence in which the Golding goverment would neither admit nor deny.  When the media was able to confirm this, Golding admitted and claimed his Attorney General was examing the request.

This ought have raised the flag, even to the most charitable, that Golding was behaving dishonestly.

Chris Coke controls Tivoli.  If he tells the people to sit on their vote, they will sit on their vote.  As a fantastically successful ‘businessman’, with his own ‘security’, Golding can not dare offend him.  Coke owns Bruce Golding.

As time passed and the Americans became more annoyed that a simple request for a person who was wanted for a number of crimes in the United States was not being extradited, it began to emerge that Jamaica was not a  third world democracy but a narco-state, a country as law abiding as Columbia.

To emphasise their demand, America appointed no Ambassador and then began revoking VISAs of prominent Jamaican citizens.

On the 2nd day of March 2010, the Golding government officially refused to extradite Chris Coke, (similar to Columbia’s refusal to extradite Pablo Escobar, and for the same reason).

The Jamaica public, those who voted for Bruce Golding, now understand how well they have been duped. They now perceive that Golding, far from being the urbane gentleman, is not merely hand in glove with narco-traffickers, but their pawn,  and the upsurge in gang related violence since his arrival, is not an abberration but the basic day to day runnings of a narco-state.

What steps the United States may take in re Jamaica is open to debate.  How far America decides to go, how seriously Jamaica will suffer is unknown.

What is known, however, is that the masks have been removed.


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