Collecting Vintage 8mm Movie Cameras

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Before starting a vintage 8mm movie camera collection, examine why you are doing so. Do you wish to amass a collection for your own personal display purposes, or exhibit them in a local library and or gallery event? Will they be compiled of rare and hard-to-find 8mm movie cameras, and will your perquisite of induction to your collection requires that they be in mint-condition or that with a gracefully aged cantina on them. You should also consider what amount of time and money you wish to invest into this said 8mm vintage 8mm movie camera collection. Another good question to ponder on is; will the movie cameras be put to any use if they are fully functional for future film making?

Where To Start Seeking Out Vintage 8mm Movie Cameras

One the best places to use as a starting point for acquiring a collection of vintage 8mm movie cameras are second-hand stores such as; Saint Vincent DePaul, Salvation Army and Goodwill. I even obtained a vintage Canon SLR camera at a Habitat For Humanity Re-Store where I volunteered my free-time at, and who normally only take donations of home-improvement type fixtures. A downside of places such as the ones mentioned is that many now a days are armed with the Internet and will conduct a search inquiry on a possible “gem” of a donation item and checks its value. That said, they may charge near accordingly. Good for them, bad for bargain shoppers. Ebay offers an cornucopia of vintage 8mm movie cameras. The most likely resource in regards to a particular vintage 8mm movie camera that you maybe seeking. They typically also afford you the best bargain as well. There are also listings of private sellers located thought the world wide web. Do keep in mind the obvious places such as; classified ads, garage sales, flea-markets and swap-meets where you may happen upon one.

What Vintage 8mm Movie Camera Makes And Models Should You Buy

My first suggestion to any reader is to refer to the initial statement above about your intentions, prerequisites of condition and self-imposed pocketbook expenditures. My personal choices have been vintage 8mm Bolex-Palliard movie camera models, however they come appropriately priced. I have also purchased many that are not and seek-out those that are; of a significant bargain, in mint to near-mint condition, and functional. Some of the most affordable and abundant models that can be discovered at eBay are; Bell-Howell’s, Keystone’s, Revere’s, Braun, and Kodak’s. You may also find at a value a semi-rare, totalitarian designed Russian model, a unique German made Bauer, a distributed in Japan only Sankyo model, and sometimes the technologically advanced for its time; Nikon or Canon 8mm movie camera.

What Is Your Plan For Your Collection Of Vintage 8mm Movie Cameras

This is arbitrary, not to mention that once again you should self-examine your intentions of what you will do with your amassed collection of vintage 8mm movie cameras. Do you wish to share your collection of vintage 8mm movie cameras with a local cultural entity? Maybe you would rather exhibit them in your own home within a display-case. Some may hoard them and stash them away for your children and your grand-children to fight over after your demise. Well before you pass-on to camera heaven somethings should be taken into account as for the storage and preservation of your vintage 8mm movie camera collection. The first thing you should consider buying is some silica gel-packets, or some silica gel canisters. There are even some silica products that include indicators as to the silica effectiveness, where they then may be placed into an oven and “re-charged” when the silica properties dissipate. Typically the best environment would be a dry, even room temperature. The attic or basement for the hoarders is not recommenced regardless of the form of storage container and the use of a silica based product.


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