Teesside Hospice

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Before this experience I must confess

I knew next to nothing about your Hospice

Just that you help people who are ill and at the end of life

Didn’t know you helped others

The sister, the brother the husband the wife.

It doesn’t matter which one you pick,

They all care so much for the sick

A social worker, nurse, volunteer or priest

There’s always a smile, a chat at the very least

And I know I don’t need to if I don’t want to say,

What’s upsetting me or what makes me pray,

Cos you’ve cared for so many on their special journey,

But if I do, you listen, because its my unique story.

In some ways it’s a comfort, I won’t be surprising you,

You’ve been here before, that’s how your caring grew.

It’s very pleasant, so nice to sit here,

But its the people who care that create the atmosphere

It’s great that you’ve been there,

Willing to listen and show you care

I’ve learnt a lot, much more than you know

Some from experience and the rest what you shown

You’ll see I’m not the only one to tell you they care

There are all the very kind volunteers that work there

They give up their time without any trouble,

Without them to keep up the services would be such a struggle

I’m sure hundreds would join me in saying “thank you all”

For just being there and for taking that call.


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