The Aspiring 8mm Film Makers Guide Using the Kodak Brownie – Part 3

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How-Load Your 8mm Film Stock Into Your Kodak Brownie Movie Camera

*First and foremost do not load your film under strong lighting conditions or direct sunlight

1) First, extract the winding key and swing it outward from its flushed position. Now turn the winding key until some tension can be felt. *Never load 8mm film stock onto a depleted spring loaded camera motor.

2) Next, press the center leaf spring lever on the loading hatch door on the Kodak Brownie until in the as shown ‘Open’ position as you pull the hatch in same direction and outwards to remove.

3) After lifting the cover off, remove the empty ‘take-up’ reel located at the front of the internal compartment nearest the cameras front end. Remove the unexposed reel of 8mm film stock from it’s packaging and then remove the film from the storage can, saving these two packaging items for shipment to film processor after 8mm film stock footage had been shot.

4) Remove the paper strip from around the film slowly while firmly keeping tension on the film pull out about a foot of film. Too much unraveling will fog your film.

5) Place the 8mm film stock reel onto the upper right hand side spindle. The proper spool side up should read, Cine-Kodak 8 Spool. Assure that the spool is seated properly onto the spindle and that a teat of said spindle is exposed through the spools flange.

6) Lead the film along the arrow as shown within the cameras internal compartment and down into and between the aperture and the cameras internal front camera body by depressing the spring loaded pressure plate flange that releases it from above mentioned camera body until it reaches the bottom.

7) Next, after the film has reached the bottom coming from the gate, or aperture plate pull about nine inches of film running along the bottom of the camera towards the right.

8) Thread the take-up spool that you first removed and feed the end of the nine inch allotment of film footage into the reels core slot. The side of spool should read, “Film When On This Spool Is Only Half Exposed.” Wind the film onto the spool in the direction that the stamped arrow on reel spool dictates. The film should be able to be placed onto the reel without any contact with the reels flanges, if not your flanges are bent and need to be bent slightly back outwards as to prevent your film from movement when the cameras motor is operating.

9) The reel of unexposed film should now be seated properly in place as well as the take-up spool seated properly on the spindles. Turn the take-up spool until the 8mm film stock is becomes snug on the take-up spool.

10) Now that the camera is fully load and spools seated in place set the footage indicator which is located near the exposure button on the front of the camera. It is semi-exposed circular metal dial with a knurl on it (looks like a clock gear). Now that the footage indicator has been located turn footage indicator dial down with your finger until the indicator reads ‘L’ for loaded. If this step is overlooked you will have no idea as to if any 8mm film stock has been exposed. Now, check the flow of film to see if it is going to wind freely onto the take-up spool by actuating the exposure (on) button on the front of the camera. It is located next the footage indicator. Remember from my first article that its the flat knurled button slightly protruding from the cameras front. You simply depress this exposure button and watch the film and take-up reel and film footage spool are free of any interference.

11) Place the cameras loading hatch cover back onto the camera body and press the center leaf spring lever on the loading hatch cover on the Kodak Brownie until shown as in the ‘Lock’ position. If the loading hatch cover does not seat shut properly check to see if both the film reel and the take-up spool are both seated properly.

12) Once the hatch cover is back in place and locked, hold the exposure button down until the footage indicator reads ’25’ on the dial. You are now ready to shoot! The footage indicator will read whatever is left remaining to shoot as the indicator dial reads.

Some Closing Words About Your 8mm Kodak Brownie Movie Camera

In part IV will be about “How-To Get Acquainted Shooting With Your Kodak Brownie 8mm Movie Camera” where I write about the basics of getting some footage shot and shooting fundamentals.

Sources: Novice 8mm Film Maker – Ray Anthony


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