Is Michigan Lacking Proper Management of Predatory Wolves?

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The State of Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA)

The State of Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency provides recipients with temporary incomes while seeking new employment, if they indeed qualify for unemployment insurance benefits.

Typically your State of Michigan unemployment benefits begin the week in which it is filed, that said; you should file for benefits the very first week you become separated from gainful employment.

How-To Claim Unemployment Benefits In The State Of Michigan

There are two ways in which to apply for unemployment benefits in the State of Michigan. The State of Michigan strongly suggest that you apply through the Internet from their website at: Their website is available from 7:00 a.m. Monday through 7:00 p.m. Saturday (Eastern Time). If you have no in-home Internet service provider, check your local library for Internet connections available for the general public.

The second means of filing for State of Michigan unemployment benefits can be made by placing a toll free call at: 1-866-500-0017.

By using your touch-tone telephone you can scheduled a time for filing based on the last two digits of your Social Security number.

What To Happens After Filing For State Of Michigan Unemployment Benefits

After you file your new claim with the State of Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency, you will be mailed a determination specifying if you qualified based on the information as follow:
Based on the wages you have earned.

The amount of weekly benefits and the number of weeks that you may receive State of Michigan unemployment benefits.

The Unemployment Insurance Agency’s “Standard Period Base,” is the time-frame that includes the first four of the last completed calendar quarters before the date when you first filed your State of Michigan employment benefits.

The four calendar quarters in a year are: January thru March, April thru June, July thru September and October thru December.

The Unemployment Insurance Agency’s “Alternate Base Period” is based on the four most recently completed calendar quarters for those who did not qualify for standard period base time-frame.

*Should issues arise with your newly filed claim, you will receive in the mail a separate notice showing as to why. You will also be sent a booklet with exact details regarding your rights and responsibilities for on-going eligibility of unemployment benefits.

State Of Michigan’s Formulations For Qualifying Requirement Base Periods

“Standard Period Base” – For benefit years beginning January 4, 2009, and after, you must have wages in at least two quarters in your base period. In one quarter, your wages must be at least $2,871; and the total wages for all four quarters must equal at least one and a half times the highest number of wages paid in any quarter of the base period. ($2,871 x 1.5 =$4,306.50)
“Alternate Base Period” – You must have wages in at least two quarters; and the total wages for all four quarters must equal at least 20 times the state average weekly wage. In 2009, the ‘Alternate Base Period’ was $16,695.80.

Important Eligibility Requirements For State of Michigan Unemployment Benefits

You must be unemployed, able, available and actively seeking full-time work.

You must register for work within two to three business days of applying for benefits at the Michigan Talent Bank by reporting in person at your local ‘Michigan Works! Agency.’There you may submit your resume’ and use their on-line data-base of employers that may be presently seeking job candidates.

Once You Start Receiving Your State Of Michigan Unemployment Benefits

You will be required to report to the State of Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency by telephone every other week to certify eligibility of future benefits, using Michigan’s Automated Response Voice Interactive Network or called ‘MARVIN.’

You may contact MARVIN toll-free at 1-866-638-3993. Based on your Social Security number, you can gain access to your account and make your every other week qualifying reports.

As mentioned above, you may also conduct same like qualifying reports and create a free on-line web-account by visiting the UIA’s website

*When you apply for benefits, you can choose to receive your benefits through either a debit card or by direct deposit into your local banking account.

Other Facts About State Of Michigan Unemployment Benefits

The Unemployment Insurance Agency calculates how much you receive in unemployment benefits by multiplying the highest number of wages paid to you in any base period quarter by 4.1%.

To determine how many weeks of benefits you may receive, the UIA multiplies your total base period wages by 43%, and then divides that equation by the weekly benefit amount. *The claim cannot be less than 14 weeks or more than 26 weeks.

The UIA will add in $6 for each dependent you claim, up to five dependents.

Your weekly benefit amount is capped at $362 based on ‘The federal American Recovery & Reinvestment Act’

You may receive unemployment benefits while working sometimes.* It must be less than full-time employment, and your benefits will be reduced accordingly based on less than full-time employment wages.

The number of weekly benefit payments remaining on your claim will be reduced by one full week for each week you receive any benefit payment. *Visit the State of Michigan website for pertaining any and all details.



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