Lockerz, a scam and waste of your time

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I joined Lockerz back in October, with high hopes at winning a decent prize. My first time going for the redemptions was in November. So what did I do until then? I came in every day racking in as many “PTZ” as I could. I had even achieved the “Z-list” status which offers you double PTZ for a year for 20 invites. When the free T-shirt arrived, I thought this site was for real and was determined to get even more points by the upcoming redemption.

I had received an e-mail saying that a redemption was coming up at 2 different times. With my hopes up, I had decided to stay home from class that day for a higher chance of redemption. The redemption time was given out a few days prior. I was there 5 minutes early. I could not get on the site. There was way too much traffic for me to get into it. I brushed it off thinking “It’s a new website, this can happen”. 

So I then again started racking up my PTZ for the next day. I had plenty of points to get what I wanted–a Nintendo Wii for 250 PTZ. When the next redemption came around, I had the same problem of not being able to access the site. With my can of soda in hand, I was determined to access the website through massive refreshing. I finally got into the site and headed onto the redemption page. Scrolled down to the Wii and just to my luck it was still in stock. I quickly ordered this and received an e-mail receipt. Proof right here (in case you think this is a joke):

The next day, the site had announced that there was some sort of problem with the orders and that everyone needs to e-mail one of their staff members forwarding their receipt. I did just that, and never got a reply. My hopes at getting a new Wii were crushed again. I was upset with the service of the website as well.  Not being a sore loser, I just got ready for the next redemption. I’ll go ahead and bottom line the December and January redemptions. They were both let downs. In December, I couldn’t access the site, and in January the same thing happened. 

For the recent February redemption, they had created a new section called “PTZ place”. This was basically another website strictly for redemption purposes. About a week prior, they had sign ups for 3 waves of redemptions, which I signed up for all 3. I sat there refreshing the page for about 45 minutes straight being so determined to get my Wii until the site opened up. I quickly signed in and scrolled down to the Wii–in stock. I clicked to redeem it and it said “sorry fresh out”. The site had only been open for 30 seconds, and they were already out of stock on it. What the hell? Alright, so I went to redeem something else so I refreshed the page. After that refresh, 90% of everything on the page was out of stock. Desperate to get anything, I clicked on something and it gave me the same out of stock message.

Now this time I felt that although I was fast, I was too slow. For wave 2 I was going to do this as fast as a rocket. it was anytime from 7pm-8pm that I would be able to get back into the site. For that entire hour, literally, I pushed the refresh button as I watched Simpsons and Family guy. The site never opened up once during this hour. I had done a quick internet search and found that many other people could not get in either. At this point I was pissed. I refused to waste my time on the third wave. Logging back in the next day, the staff had announced that there were lot’s of bots during the third wave. They did refund 100 of my PTZ, but that wasn’t enough for me. I know that the third wave was not the only one with bots. For four straight months, this site has been nothing but a let down to me. 

I then started to wonder how much the websites value was. I did a quick search using and came up around $680,000 value. These guys make over a half million dollars in 4-5 months of their site being up by people like you and me who enter the site with high hopes only to get them crushed by cheaters and what not. Every time you go on their website and browse each page, you are making them money. Their scam is to get as many people onto their site, which earns them loads of cash by offering prizes for your time spent on their site. Let’s face the facts there is a VERY SMALL number of people who have ever gotten a prize from Lockerz. They are putting out a very small percentage of their earnings on the prizes they give out, they do not show a quantity of prizes (to make you think there are a lot in stock, but just redeemed by the millions of other members), and make money off you. 

For me, it stops here. I am done wasting my time for these jerks pretending to be your everyday joes, making their “daily” videos of them pretending to be so. They might as well wear a suit and make daily videos of them saying “Hey there, be sure to click here and here and we make money off you”

I know there are some people who have gotten a prize, and you should consider yourself a very lucky person. But compare the number of people with prizes to those without. I am trying to raise awareness so you people don’t waste your time for a website that scams you. My honest advice, don’t use the site at all. Just think about it, why would anyone, anywhere, give out prizes for free? Answer: They are making over 100 times the value of a single prize and use it as their scam for more money. Don’t fall for it.


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