Book Writing Tips – Be Prepared

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Book writing tips – Be prepared

The first of the bookwriting tips essential for writers is to be observant. From writers of romantic suspense to authors of thrillers, all should be aware of everything around them at all times, and be prepared to jot it down.

However, some are so caught up with writing that time away from it is spent in some sort of void of oblivion. This happens more especially when they hit a dry patch, when their ideas have failed. They don’t really take on board what’s happening around them. So…. my book writing tips to them is if only they’d come out of that trance, they’d find inspiration jumping at them.


Book writing tips – Ideas are fleeting.

Ideas are ephemeral. Murphy’s Law says we’ll have the most brilliant idea when there isn’t time to jot it down or we don’t have pen and paper handy. I know, it’s happened to me more than once. I’m confident I won’t forget it, it’s so important how could I possibly forget? But forget I do, and it’s exasperating. It hacks me off knowing I had the inspiration of the century but can’t bring it to it mind.

Ideas seem to come at the most inopportune moment, usually when we don’t have a notebook. Author, Mary Wibberly, apparently solved the problem by jotting it down on the cover of her chequebook – bankcards have seen that off though. It’s difficult scribbling on plastic.

Book writing tips – Important conversations

So one of the book writing tips I’m making to myself is to consider buying one of those digital voice recorders and stuffing it in my pocket. At least that way I’ll be able to record those all-important conversations – much more convenient than scribbling illegible notes whilst talking.

I suppose until that time, the the book writing tips moral should be, always carry a notebook and you won’t forget that all-important idea! The problem is, forgetting to put it in our pockets …


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