Who is looking at your Credit Score?

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Before it used to be that those who checked your credit score were primarily lenders. Increasingly though you will see not only lenders but apartment complexes check your credit score. Employers when you apply for a job now check your credit score, as well as insurance companies. The thought is that if you can’t handle your credit and finances then you aren’t going to be responsible enough on the job or handling your car. Maybe you will steal from work to pay off those huge debts you owe. Unfortunately if your credit score is poor, then you might get denied the job you need.

If you are in the military to achieve promotion within the enlisted ranks they check your credit score. I know of military personnel who were declined promotion because their score was so bad or they had so many negative items on their report.  People have lost their top secret clearances because of a negative credit report.  Checking your reports will allow you to know beforehand of any problems you might encounter.


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