Back to school Article : How To Prepare Kids For School Opening

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A school bus on the run, long queue inside crowded stores, cars jammed on the neighborhood, kids on the rush, now, parents wakes up with a reality of back-to-school mood. Get organized and avoid stress with last minute preparations.

PURCHASE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND OTHER SCHOOL NEEDS . Schedule the purchase of  school supplies  in advance atleast a month before the school opening to avoid shopping rush buying and crowded stores.   Parents can get a better deal  if purchase in advance since because of high demand, prices tend to increase during school season most especially before the school opening.   School uniform, backpack, shoes, lunch box, coat should already in placed a week before the first day of school.  If budget permits, a few pair of clothing would be a good idea for school events and other activities.

CONDITION THE KIDS. Start changing the schedule of the child, gradually limit the playing time and adjust their  bedtime schedule. This is to prepare their body clock and mind in getting up early during school season. Not all children are eager in going back to school such as those who experienced bullying from classmates, isolation or just been too lazy to go back to school.  A feeling of anxiety is a natural feeling that may experience the child weeks before the school opens specially for fresh starter students. A new school,new set of people or friends would be a challenge to them on a bigger environment. The need to belong and accepted in a new group of people and coping with the school standards. To help the kid reduce anxiety :

• Communicate with your kid a positive outlook towards school.  Talk about own fun experiences during the good old days.

• Bring the child on the stores when you purchase the supplies list.  New things will give excitement to the child and let her/him choose the color of preference unless school gives specific requirements.

• Ask atleast three things the cause of the child’s worry and explain one by one in a most positive way.

• Give the assurance that you are always ready to listen about your child’s school stories.

OUTLINE HOUSE NEW SCHEDULE. For a busy working parents or moms, time management skills is very important.  Schedule time for the child doing  the homework,playing time, and parents tutoring timetable together with the parents.  An option of having a school bus or taking turns in bringing and fetching the the child from school.  Do some phone calls with other parents if carpool can be arranged.

CHECK HEALTHY MEALS FOR KIDS.   Look for quick and easy to prepare meals for kids. Make an effort to have healthy foods rather than traditional pack lunch and junk foods. Here are some helpful online sources for healthy meals and pack lunch preparation tips :

Tips to help pack the perfect school lunch. Whole wheat bread are good to keep the kids energy the whole day.

Making junk foods healthier for kids.

Simple alternative recipes to unhealthy meals. Turn your burgers, fries and pizza to a healthy meals suitable for kids

Packing school lunches the green way.

MAKE THE MOST OF THE REMAINING HOLIDAYS. Bond with  your child and make the most of the holidays. When the school opens, time together will be limited as many activities would follow.


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