Haunted By a Ghost

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Only love can make you feel this miserable. You love someone is hopes that they will love you back. And when you have someone to love you, it puts you on top of the world. Like nothing can go wrong and the world makes sense. But when love is gone nothing makes sense. It feels like your heart has been ripped out and life is just ending. The pit of your stomach feels like it is going to explode. The feeling of impending doom and the feeling that your world will never be the same. The loneliness that you feel inside as if the sadness will never go away. You feel as if your heart is breaking over and over. The tears fall and the words cannot escape your lips. You cry into your pillow and sob like you have never sobbed before. Only love can make you this miserable. Nothing you do will ever be the same, you can’t help but think of him when you do anything. When you get dressed how he used to come and put his arms around your waist. When you put your make up on and he would stand behind you in the mirror and would make faces. When you get in your car and that song is playing and all you can think of is him. Remembering is the worst. All you can do is remember. You remember his smile, his eyes, his laugh, that smirk that he made with his mouth when he was being a smartass. No one can understand unless they have been in love. When you lose someone you love it is like death. You are in mourning of that relationship. It is like something has died within you and you are in agony. Nothing will ever be the same. And the worst part about it is that you know it will never be the same. It is like being haunted by a ghost, everything around you reminds you of him.


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