5 Myths about relationships, men and women

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These myths have survived a lot in our culture and have been passed down: some are true, others not.

1.Love is enough: False

It would be very good to be true, but unfortunately in the real world, external forces have an enormous impact on our poor lives. To ignore it means to be naive! Love helps  you to pass  more easily over some obstacles of life, but is  not enough by itself.

2. Men are different: True

Do not expect your partner to be your best friend. Eventually you have to accept that men are totally different from women. Embrace such differences and work together to create a harmonious and balanced relationship

3. A couple does not quarrel: False

Show me one couple who do not fight and I will prove it’s a bomb! The quarrel is healthy and constructive, if you stay within the limits of common sense. Our differences make us unique and emerging problems helps us know better. And let’s not forget the game of sex of reconciliation

4. If you love, you will not feel attracted to other partners: False

It’s amazing how many people think this is true! Being in love with someone does not mean you are  suddenly blinded! As long as you’re not partner dose not feel uncomfortable, there is nothing wrong to observing  other people.

5. I will be happy after  he will change: False

This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can do, you think your partner will change if you ask nicely. The only thing you can change is yourself. Just ask yourself: if you want the boyfriend to change, then why hang around him? No one is perfect. You should accept your partner with its good and bad.


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