How to Keep a Relationship Interesting

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First, throw some parties! Invite your guy and girl friends for a bbq! Enjoy playing games with your boys while your girlfriend chats non-stop with her friends. This creates a chance to spend time with others, while having the opportunity of being next to your girlfriend, without being attached to each other.


Second, go visit somewhere new! If you guys are always eating at the same restaurant, try opening a wider range by trying new places. It’s a wonderful way to revitalize your relationship, both being unaware of how the new place operates.


Third, spend some time apart. This is especially hard if you’re in a long term relationship. Being apart not only gives each other some freedom, but it also provides room to miss each other.


Next, try giving each other gifts. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. Just give something that comes from the heart. This is a great way to keep a relationship interesting.


Try giving random surprise visits! This does not mean to stalk your partner whenever they are going. Show up randomly at their workplace with some flowers. Take her out for a quick lunch and tell her that you just dropped by to say hi.


Go on dates! Just because you’ve been together for a while doesn’t mean you should shrink your gentleman duties. Plan a special and romantic night out at a fancy restaurant. Make it a weekly thing or once a month. It’ll make your relationship a whole lot healthier and stronger.


Set goals together! Talk to each other about dreams and things you want to accomplish. Do you want to buy a house? Find ways to better your relationship by focusing on things together and having similar goals and dreams that you want to accomplish.


Try new positions in bed! As wild as it sounds, there is always something that you haven’t tried. After a while, it does become a bit monotonous in bed. Try incorporating some whips and hand-cuffs. Bring the tiger out of you and experience something new and different!


Lastly, find new things to do together. Experience and discover things together. GO on that yoga or take some dance classes together. The bottom line is, you want to do things together, but have a nice talk about the common things you share together. This will lead to a healthy and long relationship with your partner for years to come.


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