Live Like There is no Tommorow

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I go to bed and dream.. waking up in a start.. the end of the world looms over my head like a heavy rain laden cloud throughout the whole day. What have I done? If in fact the world would end tommorrow, have I lived it fully, abundantly, with vigor and love for life? Have I cherished the people in my life and made the best attempts to encourage, lift up, and speak the truest most indepth thoughts to the ones I love? I don’t know if I can say that I have everday. I do try..but do I try enough to open my eyes like a child and see the possibiltities, the opportunities and potential in every waking hour?

If I were to die tommorrow would the ones I love know just how I feel about them? This is very important to me. For me to live like there is no tommorrow I need to be speaking the truth fully, without condition. I desperatly want those I leave behind to remember sweet words that lift them up, not shoot them down. Or even worse deep feelings rarely, or never spoken. It is too easy to go through the day anticipating tommorrow, but what if tommorrow never comes? For your sake and the ones that you love, speak the truth to them. As hard as it may be in this calosed world full of sarcasim speaking from the heart may take time, but you must start. I know too many people that sense they were loved but were never really told. Our lips are to hold people up and encourage them. So next time you think a good thought speak it, it won’t hurt. If anything it will be humbling.

I want to live like there is no tommorrow, taking in opportunites that srpout out at me like May flowers. There are things I want to do like something simple go camping with my children. So I pack up the car and we go. If my neighbor needs a ride and I can provide it, I will. Becasue that opportunity may not come again. Yes helping others is an opportunity, you never know what you may get out of helping others, and what that can do for your soul.

Breathing in a deep breath in the morning when a caotic day persists, breathing in good thoughts, and centering on the good things in life, like the sun on my face or my child’s sweet giggle, these are things I do not want ot take for gratned and I cherish them. Trying everyday even in my tired days, to look at things in a lighter fashion, with an open mind, and with optomism.

Spending too much time sad and depressed will loose days for sure. I know this from experience. When I can focus my thoughts to thinking that this may be my last day or even minute on earth in this place, I open up, I recapture my zest for life and I appreciate this life that I was given. There are hard times and sad times that we all must morn through, this is a part of lifes course. Yet appreciating that you can feel, and that you are loved from a source much bigger than yourself, and that you were given this life to do with it what you will, gives such freedom, and with freedom you are given wings to soar.

Why not open the door to happiness rite now by jotting down on a piece of paper how many things you are greateful for. The things you want to do today, even tommorrow, and the future, and do it! No-one has power over you. Life is presouce and we are all valuable and given this life to live it fully and abundantly.The only thing that is holding back your ability to live like there is no tommorrow is your thoughts. So change the way you think, start by loving the people around you and yourself fully and abundantly and speak the truth, let no bitterness leap off the tip of your tongue, let no evil penetrate your lips, or your mind, speak kind words to the people around you, those you love, and those you may not know yet. Be real with yourself and accept the fact that we know not what comes tommorrow.


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