How to Be a Tough Man

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To be tough, you have to talk tough. This doesn’t mean shouting and screaming curse words at the person. Instead, look straight in the eye, and make sure that there is conviction in your voice.


Next, stop complaining about pain. Suck it up and be a tough man. Complaining only shows that you want attention, and only soft men do that. Toughen up and eliminate your weaknesses.


Being tough doesn’t mean going out and beating everyone up who ticks you off. Being tough means that you should be able to choose your fights wisely. If someone accidentally bumps into you, it’s probably not worth it. If someone makes fun of your girlfriend, you better flex.


Make sure that you stand up for your ideals. Make sure that none of them will become tarnished. Defend what you believe in. If someone breaks your loyalty, repay them by breaking their legs!


Lastly, don’t be afraid of fear. All guys are afraid of something, but this doesn’t mean showing any of your weaknesses. Once someone senses your fear, they will see you as weak and vulnerable. This is something you must definitely work on if you want to be a tough man.


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