Written Garbage

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Try to appreciate and appreciation will live in you.
Let it grow and you will be appreciated.


Your right eye is the sun
Your left eye is the moon

This refers to our outlook in life. If your right eye is the sun (positive) and your left eye is the moon (negative), and you want to see things positively, you can close your left eye and only the right eye will be open. If you want to see things negatively, you can leave the left eye and close the right. It depends on you on how to look at things.

Murderers and Trappers

The murderers will be slain and trappers will be trapped.

Hiding Your Anger

Hide your anger
and it will find revenge for itself.

Bugna Uno

Sa imu kalayo ang tubig!
Sa pagbaliktad sang kalan ; akun asawa
Kabay malambot sang kilat ang idalum sang suba’
Sa pag ilig sang dugo ang huni sang ispada maga lapus sa taming!
Mamati ka dulunggan ko, ang imu pulso di na mabatian, ang tagipusuon walay na pag saltik..
Ang ulihing luha sal-a.

by: Florence Matthew Besares

Right and Wrong

There are things that are wrongly right; there are also things that are rightly wrong
But there are also things that are righty right and wrongly wrong.

What is the Words of the Foolish?

knowing that your a fool
makes you wise because
fools think of foolish things
and from foolish things,
you’ll get the knowledge to know
that you’re a fool.


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