How to Flirt With A Woman Sexually

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First off, speak in a sexy way! This means getting rid of your high-pitched voice. Instead, think of James Bond. Speak your words slowly, maintain eye contact, and deepen your voice. Make sure you don’t say anything corny or cheesy.


Second, try to accuse a woman of trying to seduce you! For example, if a woman asks you something like, ” Do you know how to fix sprinklers?” You can respond by saying, ” Geez, are you trying to get me to come over to your place already?!” Women love this and don’t be surprised if she really does want you to come over sooner than you thought.


Third, show the woman that you’re a stud! Instead of saying straight out “I’m a great lover,” try saying something a bit more flirtatious. If she looks at you and says “You’re good at that,” you can respond by saying ” I’m good at a lot of things,” and give her a wink or two. She’ll be dying to know more about what this “good thing” you’re good at.


Another way to flirt sexually is to tell the woman that she’s naughty in her everyday activities. If a woman tells you that she fell asleep, ask her how she slept. If she gives you a good response, reply with something like: “Nice sleep? Hmm.. interesting. What exactly were you doing that made you sleep so nicely?”(wink wink)


Lastly, try using some double-word meanings. Wet, thick, hard, fast,etc. The possibilities are endless. For example, if your woman says that her drink is too big, you can reply by saying, “Big is a good thing, right?” You’ll be fascinated as to how easy it is to add a bit of sexuality to everyday conversations and make everything more interesting.


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