When is it Alright to Kill a Man?

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First let me start by saying that I have never killed anyone, and I don’t plan to start killing people, not that I haven’t thought about it at times, like I’m sure most people do, think about killing people. Killing people in this day and age is both just as common as it always was, and also more harshly punished. In the middle ages, or the cavemen days, there was always plenty of killing people going on, but the style of killing was a little different to the type of killing that is commonplace today.

Guns kill more people than any other weapon these days, and you do not need any more strength than a working trigger finger in order to kill someone. You can kill people from a distance, with some guns even up to a mile away. There is a lot less effort required in killing these days, which means that people often start killing for reasons that aren’t quite as important. Of course, if you looked the wrong way at certain kings and queens of history, they would have you beheaded, but that power of killing people, now falls into the hands of everyone that holds a gun, from a little girl to an old man.

A little unsettling. So, when is it right to kill then? Some people would say never, and that’s certainly what most religions teach, but, if most of these same people saw a cow that had been hit by a car, and they had a gun in the car, they would quickly put it out of it’s misery. The distinction between animals and humans in this regard is quite striking, as far as killing, and the law goes. There are many cases where a person is dying, and dying a slow agonizing death, and they are begging doctors, family members, anyone to kill them, but nobody will because they fear a long prison sentence.



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