10 Easy Tips to Help Improve Women’s Health & Fitness

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  • A balanced healthy diet is the key factor in living a healthy lifestyle. When trying to lose weight avoid foods with high calories and fat like sugar, red meats and instead opt for foods high in fiber and low in fat.

  • Drink lots of H20. It’s suggested you drink at least eight glasses of water daily. This helps to release impurities and toxins from your body.

  • If you’re a regular smoker and drinker it’s pertinent you stop, or receive medical treatment to help you stop. Studies have shown that women who smoke are more prone to diseases than the opposite sex. Smoking increases a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer. Also limiting your alcohol intake is wise. If you are with child the alcohol and smoke could affect your baby’s health.

  • Exercise should be a part of your daily routine. You can do the simplest things at home, out shopping, or at work for exercise if you don’t have time for the gym. Take a short walk after work to help wind down. When possible rather than taking the shortcut with elevators use the stairs. Run around your home or the yard with your kids. Also, Yoga and Pilates are well known alternatives yet effective exercises you can do from the comfort of your home without the gym. Studies have shown exercise helps to limit the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Avoid stress at all cost. Women seem to be more prone to stress than men; Stress is known to cause several types of illnesses.

  • Every chance you get, take some time out for yourself so you can relax. Reading a good book, hanging out with friends and family, or have a solo date with yourself at the spa, beauty salon, or shopping mall. Getting enough sleep is also essentials to regain your energy.

  • The use of sunscreen protects your skin from the sun. You can also wear hats to help protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. In a nutshell too much sun is not healthy for your skin because it becomes prone to cancer with too much exposure.

  • To maintain your beautiful smile and good oral hygiene visit a dentist regularly. Getting your teeth cleaned to prevent cavities and bad breath will go a long way.

  • Young ladies that are eighteen and above should visit a gynecologist for annual Pap Smears Physical Examination tests. Older Women forty and over should add mammograms alongside annual pap smears. Self breast examinations are strongly encouraged once puberty has been reached, and should continue through adulthood.

  • Vitamins and Supplements are essential for women of all ages. Calcium is beneficial for women of all ages, and studies have proven Calcium helps prevent cramps and other Pre-Menstrual Symptoms (PMS). Osteoporosis especially in menopausal women can be prevented by the correct intake of Calcium. Vitamin E strengthens the immune system. Vitamin E is said to help avoid wrinkles when aging. Vitamin E-400 helps stop night sweats and hot flashes in menopausal women.

Remember, the keys to staying healthy is regular visits to your physician, drinking pleanty of water, and eating healthy.


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