How to Find a Cheap Used Piano

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If you’re looking to buy a cheap used piano, the first thing to do let your piano instructor know that you’re in the market for one.  If you’re not currently taking lessons, go through the your local newspaper and call up anyone who’s offering lessons.  They often know people looking to upgrade their older pianos to a newer model.

Check out craigslist and kijiji.  You can often find very cheap decent pianos there if you have the muscle and wheels to pick them up.  Check back daily, new items are always being listed.

If you haven’t found one yet, it might be time to leave the house.  Print up notices and place on any community boards.  You can usually find these in places like schools and local businesses.  Use a very large font for the title, you’re trying to attract people’s attention who probably aren’t used to reading the ads.   In a smaller font briefly state why you are looking for a cheap used piano.  You want people to feel like they’re doing you a favor.   Make sure to include tabs along the bottom your phone number and e-mail address so people can tear them off to take home.


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