Lose your iPhone? Let MobileMe find it for you.

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Apple keeps coming up with applications (apps) that make people think that they don’t know how they ever got by without their iPhones in the first place.  With over a million apps available, and well over 1 Billion apps downloaded to iPhones, there really are apps for pretty much anything you can think of, and help you in every facet of your every day life.  One of the more beneficial apps recently added to the Apps Store is called MobileMe, and it is a file-sharing and remote file updating, email, calendars and contacts updating app which also provides online storage, for your to store anything so that you can access it anywhere, from any of your wired technology.

MobileMe can also find your iPhone if you lose it, or if it happens to be stolen.  If your iPhone has been lost, or especially stolen, the thief, or the person who found it, would then not only be able to ring up gigantic text messaging and long distance calling bills, but they would also have access to all of your passwords, as well as online banking and other financial, personal and work-related information.  On top of that, you have to worry about all your friends and contacts who you have personal information stored about on your iPhone, or even on your home computer or laptop.

Set your mind at ease with MobileMe, an app that allows you to wipe your iPhone’s memory from your home computer, laptop, or any computer with Internet access.  The thief is then left with a shell of an iPhone, not much use to them, but at the same time, a lot safer for you and your finances.  You could also set a passcode lock from your computer, so that all the finder could do is turn your iPhone on and off.  That may make them looking for the owner, and a small reward a lot more appealing to them.

However, before going to the extremes of wiping out your iPhone’s memory, which would include all of the work that you did downloading and setting up all the apps that make your life easier and more fun, you can locate your iPhone using MobileMe, and have it’s location shown real-time on a map.  There is, after all, the chance that you really did just forget your iPhone at the coffee shop, on a bench in a bus or subway, or a bench in the park, and it was returned to some store’s lost department, awaiting your inquiry.

But wait, before going to any extremes, why not just try calling your iPhone first?  Make the call, and if someone answers, ask them if they would be willing to return your iPhone to you.  You can offer a small reward if they take their time thinking about it, or you can warn them of the loss-prevention apps loaded on your iPhone, and the power of positive actions.  They will be believers when the police show up at their door in a few hours, with a search warrant for your iPhone.  But, if they happen to hang up when you call your iPhone‘s number, or if it goes to voicemail or is out of service, then get MobileMe working from your home computer or laptop.

Since MobileMe is also an app for file sharing, email and contacts organizing, as well as a file editing app, you need to have it set up on your desktop, laptop and smart phone for it to work properly.  If you lose one of them, you can find it by using another of them and using the MobileMe app.

MobileMe does a lot more than find your lost iPhone, but for that purpose, there aren’t many apps that come close to offering you the safety and ease of mind that MobileMe offers when you can’t seem to find your iPhone.

Be safe out there.


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