Interesting Facts on The United States of America

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  • Santa Fe was founded in 1610, making it the oldest city in the United States.

  • The film capital of the world is Hollywood.

  • The United States tourist industry is ranked third in the world.

  • The price it cost Christopher Columbus to equip and go on three voyages to the Americas is less that it costs to buy a new car now.

  • The federal government owns 32% of the land in the United States.

  • More people died from sickness and disease than they did from battle wounds, during the Civil War.

  • The largest airport in the United States is Denver International, and it is also the second largest in the world, with a size of 53 square miles.

  • The Denver International Airport also has a runway of 16, 000 feet, making it the longest commercial runway in the world.

  • “Christmas” appears in the name of 140 different towns and cities in the United States, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

  • The 100th anniversary of George Washington’s inauguration, which took place in 1889, was the first holiday ever to be celebrated in the United States.

  • Inflation rose so dramatically during the American Revolution that the price of many food staples shot up, such as the price of beef which rose 33, 000%, corn rose 10, 000%, wheat rose 14, 000% and flour rose 15, 000%.

  • Only once have siblings run against each other for President, in 1796 when brothers Charles Pinckney and Thomas Pinckney from South Carolina ran, although both were beat out for the Presidential seat by John Adams.

  • The first President to visit Canada was Warren G. Harding, when he made a stop in Vancouver, British Columbia, while on route to Alaska.

  • The first president who was given birth to in a hospital was Jimmy Carter.

  • There is only one American President who believed that the world was flat and that was Andrew Jackson.

  • Hemp paper was used to write the Declaration of Independence. The original copy has been lost and only a holograph copy now remains.

  • All Presidents who addressed the Canadian House of Commons during their first term of office since the Second World War, were reelected to a second term. Them being Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, as well as Clinton.

  • Every war the United States took part in, in which mules were used were won by the United States.

  • On a typical day, Americans consume approximately 100 acres of pizza.


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