Get To Know Your Neighbors In A High Rise Apartment

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Introduce yourself when you see one of your neighbors. This is usually in the elevator or the laundry room.  Greet them and tell them your name.  Extend your hand, most people will respond to a handshake.  You might have to jog their memory by telling them for example: ‘I live 2 doors down from you’.  Be sure to get their name.  Keep the encounter short; you don’t want to give the impression that you’re going to start asking for favors or knocking on their apartment door at all hours of the night.

Offer a token of friendliness.  If you like to bake, make a batch of cookies and put a few in a bag and hang them on your neighbor’s doorknob.  If baking isn’t your forte, an apple will do.  Attach a lighthearted note saying that it’s from ‘Marcia in 15G’.  Put one on every door on your floor.  Next time you see them, they will thank you and the ice has been broken.

Lend a hand when it seems appropriate.  If you see your neighbor returning from the supermarket with several bags, offer assistance.  Carry some of the bags to their apartment; after all it’s only down the hall.  Hardly an inconvenience.  

Exchange telephone numbers, especially with the single neighbors.  They like to know that there is someone that they can call if they need help.  It could be for a medical emergency or help with hanging a picture on the wall.  But don’t ignore those living with partners.  They also like to know that there is someone on the floor that they can count on.  Before you know it, a tightly knit group has been formed and new friendships have been made.


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