Food Network Shows Review: Part One

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We all have our favorite types of show to watch when we have the time.  In my case that is cooking shows or shows having to do with food.   Watching some of the older shows is actually what got me into the idea of learning culinary arts.  Perhaps if you are not into cooking shows, this will change your mind.  The shows that I am reviewing in this article are more modern then most are used to. 

If you are a fan of food and science, you may find something out of the first show, Food Detectives.  Food Detectives takes all of the age old questions and myths and finds the answers.  They conduct experiments with the team of food techs to prove the answers. 

Ted Allen is the host to this popular new show.  He may be familiar to some as he was the food and wine specialist on the show Queer Eye.  Ted is also a judge on Top Chef.  As well as both of these shows Ted has written the book, “The Food You Want to Eat.”

Some of the important questions that find answers are; Do you really have to wait an hour after eating to swim, what is the importance of the five second rule, what’s the best cure for a hangover, plus many other of your want-to-know questions.

Food Detectives is on the Food Network on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Next is a show all about cakes.  Ace of Cakes, to be exact. 

The main chef Duff is definitely a wacky character, and he definitely can match the eccentricities of the cakes him and his crew are called to make.  Duff is definitely a pyromaniac as well, as he likes to add sparks of some sort to a lot of the creations they create.  Though he may be zany and unpredictable, he is one of the go to chefs in the industry.  The show may not teach recipes or add science into the mix, but it definitely is an interesting show.   

Some of the cake’s creation process is arduous, however in the end it is always worth it.  They create masterpieces every time.  Their field of work can be from characters from cartoons to replicas of any building.  Simply an amazing gift Duff has to create all these extraordinary designs.

Ace of Cakes is on the Food Network the same nights as Food Detectives. 

Next on the list is Unwrapped.  

The show Unwrapped gives you the low down on how most of your favorite foods are created.   These foods are:  from any kind of candy imaginable to hot dogs and hamburgers.  You get a sneak peak view on how the foods are made.  Behind the factory doors, if you will.  Unwrapped also tells you the secrets behind all the foods you have wondered about and what really goes in them.

 Marc Summers is the host of this creative show.   Marc has also been a host and judge on the show Ultimate Recipe Showdown.

Those are the three shows I want to introduce in this edition of my Food Network review series.  Come back soon and I will have part two.    Have any shows you like on the Food Network?  Let me know, and I will check it out and review it.  

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