How to grow out your hair faster (3 simple steps) // it works!

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Ever wanted to grow really long locks? well it’s easy and it really works. I guess for me it does but i’ve always been trying to grow out my hair but nothing really works until i tried out these 3 really simple steps. you might have already read about this but i’m telling you it really works like i’m so happy right now that i’ve decided to share this to you girls ( guys maybe?) out there. you don’t need to buy anything expensive like nothing at all! i think i have made you wait long enough. so here are the steps:


No more heat! just distance yourself from hair dryers/blowers and straighteners and watever. this one was super hard for me. -.- it’s because my hair is really crappy and wavy and poofy. if you have this kinda problem like me then i have a tip so it goes straighter (it might not work but still try. nd it actually works for me):

Straightening hair without heat

so after you take a bath towel dry your hair until it’s just a bit damp. i put a little bit of leave-in conditioner on my hair but that’s optional. so what you do is while drying your hair (air dry it) you twist small sections of your hair going from the roots to the tips of your hair. your hair should be just a little wet. then just do that until it’s completely dry. run your fingers through your hair or use a wide tooth brush. do not blow dry your hair everyday coz the heat will damage your hair. and also the straighteners (bad ones and cheaper ones) usually make your hair poofy.


No more hairstyling products. this things are not good for your hair. minimize the usage if you can’t just live without them. i personally don’t use them but i own some hair wax. that is just the second step.


Only wash hair every other day. if you wash your hair often, you’re getting rid of the natural oils on your hair. natural oils help your hair grow so don’t get rid of them.

so there you go 3 simple steps. i’m actually just trying out these steps and its doing pretty good. it has only been about 6 days [?] im really happy. :T

so guys i hope i helped. here’s a video on youtube that i found very similar to my idea. you could go watch it.

Thanks for reading!!


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