Cold and Alone

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Out here alone, and I just don’t know. How does this all fit into it all. Left here so full, now it’s so null, just wanna lay down and give in to it all.  I want to find something better, but I just can’t revive my own laughter. All that I want is something to hold, someone who understands all that I own.  But there’s just no way, someone can say, you’re just better off all alone. I feel so cold and alone now.  Want to just jump and dive down how, I can move on. Just don’t know how. Trying to figure out how this all works.  Ill be alright, just hold me tonight, tell me it’s all going to be just alright.  I said to many things bad too, how do we move past this, start a new.

She said no, I said hold on, I have been down somewhere you’ll never see.  She said that hurts, I said I know, but I can’t let you be me. I don’t want this for you, you shouldn’t have to do this or hurt too.  She went away, I said don’t go, she said it’s all that I can do for now.  I said ok, but didn’t understand, but said I that I would learn how.  Now we’re apart, it hurts everyday, and I sit and wait for some kind of a wish.  She works so hard, sweating away, all that our past lives debting up to this.  I swear I want to learn better, she says I don’t know how you’ll ever.

Today I broke down, looking around, nowhere I could find the ones that I love. Im out here alone, and I feel so cold.  I want to just throw it all into the wind.  I know that someday will be better. But right now it sucks and Im tethered.

So here is the now, and the end of this tale.  It doesn’t get much better than this.  For now we move on, trying to hold on, we’ll figure it all out in the end.  Just, don’t give up hope, try see past, all that is blocking your view from the prize.  It’s there if you see, just keep holding on, you’ll get there if you see with your eyes.


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