Simple Way to Have Your Secure Vpn Tunnel

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First what do we are expecting from a VPN tool?  Answers are very simple:

  • Since the Data should pass through a public network then you need to assure the protection (Data security).
  • SLA (service Level Agreement) as all amounts of Data is received by destination.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Multi-platform support.
  • Cost effective.

How Hamachi is going to protect our data privacy?

Since Hamachi is a central managed VPN connection that means the Server is managed by the Vendor.

Then all what you need is to install the Client software’s in order to connect to that server and establish your own group of computers. To perform this task Hamachi’s Client exchange a Key value with the server once they agreed on a Key then only peers you are targeting can encrypt your Data. LoGMeIn  (Hamachi’s owner)servers  authenticate all peers using RSA key-pair,  then to login the client submit its Hamachi’s IP which is assigned by the server, when the client connect it announced what key  is expect s the server to have. This simple logic cans grantee the establishment of your Tunnel but you need to enter a user name and password for the destination to be authenticated (OS user).

Data loss in communication  ?

Off course data loss were depends on many items such as your ISP connection, firewall configuration, software’s you are using what if they are original or not,  sending across different platform, etc.

If we can assure all mentioned items then you can guarantee a perfect data communication between your business units.

Further more Hamachi will not disturb your internet connection by taking all the bandwidth for the VPN tunnel as some Tools done instead Hamachi will work under virtual Ethernet Adapter giving different IP address, this will enable you to continue your normal web browsing while your secure communication with other Business unit is established.

Easy to configure ?

All you need to do is to click on the network menu and select create new network then type your new network name and password, and don’t forget to send to other people your network name and password to join you by selecting from network menu join an existing network. That is all what you need to spend on configuration 1 minute.

Multi-platform support ?

Simply, YES. Further more it can work under virtual machine I tested.

Cost effective?

It’s free to use.

Also you can use Hamachi to perform a remote administration; this can be done as well by combine the benefits of VNC and Hamachi. We tested and the result was great. I can show you how to do it,

After installing Hamachi you will have a global IP address, through this IP you can reach your remote nodes if Hamachi and VNC are configured. All you need is to type that IP plus configured port in VNC Viewer as example:

Hamachi IP:0

Then presses connect and perform your remote administration.


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