INCREDIBLE: It shortened the day! Chile earthquake has shifted the axis of the Earth

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“Any global event involving movement of mass affects the Earth’s rotation,” said Benjamin Chao Fund from the NASA Goddard Center airspace.
Each day should be 1.26 microseconds shorter, according to preliminary calculations (one second = one million microseconds).
Richard Gross, another scientist in the NASA claims that the earthquake in Chile has changed Earth’s axis  about 8 cm and that this change may shorten life.
Because earthquake of magnitude 9.1 on the Richter scale occurred in 2004 which led to a devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean, the day was shortened by 6.8 microseconds.
Chilean earthquake occurred on the night of 27 to February 28. Balance earthquake, still provisional, show a total of 723 dead and 19 missing. According to experts, the earthquake in Chile was a thousand times stronger than that of Haiti, from January 12.

In the last two months, Earth was hit by two devastating earthquakes: on January 12 an earthquake of 7.3 on the Richter scale struck the island of Haiti, and an earthquake of 8.8 degrees hit Chile on February 27.

From the first data, the earthquake in Chile, which was five hundred times more powerful than that in Haiti, led to fewer victims.
Seismology say that Chile was better prepared for this type of situation, with buildings more resistant to earthquakes, then Haiti.
“This is what  seismology experts  can do in developing countries: we know how to reach the plates and how to earthquakes that can occur – and this is reflected in legislation that provides resistance to earthquakes, to avoid the collapse of buildings,” explained Juan José Rueda, head of seismic information from the Institute geographically from Spain.


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