Decorating Potted Plants

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Green thumb or not it is nice to grow some flowers to enjoy during spring. However, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on the pot it seems your only options are often fairly bland. Here is a creative, affordable and easy way to decorate a simple pot.

This works best with an unfinished clay pot. These can be found at most craft stores and some gardening stores. Along with your soil and seeds, you’ll need a “finisher”, that can be something like “Mod Podge” or a spray gloss finisher also might need scissors and glue.

First easy decorating option is to empty the seeds you want to plant onto a flat surface or in a small container. Cut the front off the seed package and apply either glue or Mod Podge to the packet then stick on the pot. Then cover the package with a finisher to protect the paper. This has two benefits, one being that you have pretty flowers decorating your plain pot, the other being that you can easily remember what you planted in that pot. If you want to add more you can add stickers or paint to the pot and add finisher over it to seal it. This idea also works great for planting vegetables or if you are just planting multiple things in multiple pots. If you are worried about forgetting care instructions you can do the same thing to the back of the pot with the back of the seed package.

The second easy option is to look through seed magazines and cut out pictures of plants, especially of the type plant you are planting in that pot. Add these pictures to the pot using the same method above. If you are planting flowers find a large picture of the flower you are planting and place it on the front with smaller pictures of other flowers added around the pot. If planting vegetables pick a large picture of the vegetable you are planting and smaller pictures of other vegetables.

Once the finisher is completely dry, plant your seeds just as you normally would.

This project can also be done with young kids, allow them to use their kid scissors to cut out the items or add the stickers. Just be sure to be ready for a potential mess, potting soil and glue are both great mess makers. Of course the bit of mess just makes it that much more fun for your kids!

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