Where can you spend your perfect holiday? 8 dream destinations (part 2)

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5.New York U.S.A.

Now that the dollar is declining is the perfect time for a trip to New York where you can buy things cheap enough. Besides this, you will have the opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. New York has many parks and two of the largest forest reserves.You can also see the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, theatrical productions on Broadway, Central Park, Times Square and the Botanical Garden. Also, New York organizes a lot of events. Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village, Tribeca Film Festival and free performances in Central Park are just a few of them.

6.Hong Kong

Hong Kong is often described as the meeting place of the East with the West, reflected in the economic infrastructure, educational system and culture of the city.Cultural mixture can be  found in the culinary field also.Here you can find  traditional restaurants but also Korean, American, European, Japanese restaurants

7.Pyongyang, North Korea

It is an exclusive destination, because it’s quite hard to get a visa for North Korea, but  If you have the visa  you will have a very expensive vacation. If you hit there in April you have the honor to attend the Arirang Festival, held at the birthday of the dictator Kim Il Sung.

8.Hawaii U.S.A.

If you are looking for the perfect holiday on the beach, look no further. Abundant supply of water sports and spectacular scenery combine with great music and delicious food. Platinum Coast are famous and bright white and turquoise waters, while the Atlantic coast has a wild beauty.


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