Where can you spend your perfect holiday? 8 dream destinations (part 1)

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Maldives is in the Indian Ocean, about 700 km away from Sri Lanka and it is the perfect destination if you want to relax. Here tourists appreciate, in particular, beautiful resorts and great view. Most of them opt for private villas, located in the middle of the water and which are connected to shore by a bridge.

2.Queenstown, Noua Zeelanda

Whether winter or summer, Queenstown is a great place for holiday entertaining. In winter, Queenstown site is invaded by tourists that come to ski and in summer people flock to travel on the Shotover River. Along Lake Wakitipu are plenty of hotels due to the beauty of the place.Also, Queenstown is the capital of New Zealand in terms of bungee-jumping and Jetboat. Ah, yes … food is downright amazing, and people are incredibly friendly.

3.Paris, France

Everybody knows that Paris is the city of romance and food, and this reputation was received with good reason. The food in France is a delight almost unmatched anywhere in the world. You can choose between a very cheap hotel or very expensive one, depending on budget, but you really need to keep money for food and wine. You should not miss spaghetti from “The hard” on the Champs-Elysees, ice cream from “Berthillon” and pies from “Pierre Herm”.

4.Venice, Italy

The city is unique in architecture, history and cooking. The atmosphere is dominated by the mystery and romance, making it the perfect destination for lovers of Venice. In addition, for those passionate about classical architecture on every street corner you “meet” with a church or an old building. You should not miss the gondola ride.


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